Polyplas makes further capital investment by purchasing new milling machine for on-site toolroom

Polyplas Ltd, one of the leading UK plastic extrusion companies, has installed a new milling machine within the toolroom at its Stourport headquarters. The new XYZ SMX 2500 CNC milling machine replaces legacy equipment and is part of a sitewide investment to support growth.

The new XYZ SMX 2500 CNC milling machine has been purchased to speed up our tooling manufacturing process. Primarily used to create die blanks, from bar lengths of brass or steel, it can drill, bore, cut and produce slots. This means we can progress die blanks into our wire eroder for actual cutting a lot quicker.

The SMX 2500 comes with a table of 1245 x 228mm that can hold up to 600kg, the automated bed travels of 780 x 390 x 560mm and an ‘easy to use’ 3 axis CNC control.

Having the new machine on-site provides a number of tangible customer benefits. The whole process is computerised which means greater accuracy and less waste and makes repeat tools straight from data stored on our design database.

As it is a new machine it will require less service and repair, whilst being able to run faster and for longer. We anticipate seeing less downtime and correspondingly more uptime in tool preparation.

“Our ability to turn around complex dies has been a trademark of our service proposition for over 30 years”, says Paul Gardner, toolroom manager.

“With a new programmable milling machine, alongside other developments in our manufacturing footprint, we’ll be able to grow and scale with our customers and meet their needs even more precisely.”


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