Additional Services

We offer a range of supplementary production and post-production processes, together with packaging and delivery options.

Please select from the list below:

  • Tooling:
    As most of our profiles are bespoke, the majority of our tools are owned by customers; however, we also have our own extensive range of standard tooling.  All tooling is fully insured and maintained on site

  • Colour and other options:
    Profiles can be supplied in a variety of colours. In some cases an anti-microbial agent can be added. Foiling of profiles is also undertaken. For flexible extrusions there are the options of an added lubricant to ease fitting as well as the incorporation of a non-stretch cord

  • Printing:
    An ink-jet printer allows printing in-line on most flexible and rigid materials.  This aids product identification, traceability and can convey a message such as an instruction or to promote a brand. This latter is particularly helpful to those using third party e-commerce sites

  • Self-adhesive tapes:
    Double sided self-adhesive tapes of various widths (and thicknesses) can be applied to profiles, whilst in-line.  This ensures optimal adhesion and prevents contamination from post extrusion handling of the self-adhesive tapes

  • Cut to length:
    All profiles, whether rigid or flexible, can be cut in-line to the customer's required lengths using latest cutting equipment designs in automated fly-knives, hot-knives and automated saws

  • Secondary operations:
    Any work required to extrusions as a secondary operation e.g. notching, drilling, welding, or out of line cutting where tight tolerances are required can be discussed as it is often diverse and specific to the customer

  • Package Labelling:
    A label printing machine is used to print all packaging labels to distinguish products.  Barcodes can be incorporated and, for that extra personalised touch, can be configured to include your company logo. This is particularly advantageous in avoiding the need to re-package when selling the goods on

  • ISO 9001 Accreditation:
    The experience gained over many years is applied to our tool making to ensure the smooth running of bulk production.  All procedures meet BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for both designs and manufacture assuring our products are manufactured to a high standard.   During production, finish, fit and tolerances are closely monitored and, where possible gauges are used to enhance and ensure adherence to specification.  This all contributes to the assured quality of our finished goods.

With such diversity in finished component configuration, standard packaging is occasionally a challenge. Correspondingly, whilst a simplified solution is usually available, we take the same approach to packaging methods as plastic extrusion design. Buckets, bagged coils, reels, drums and boxes are all employed. Where straight lengths are needed, long boxes capable of 3000 mm are used with longer lengths wrapped in polysleeves. In tune with environmental concerns, we supply returnable packaging wherever possible including plastic tubs mainly for glazing industry, large wooden spools and stillages for cut length profiles.

All orders are acknowledged and we advise delivery as soon as we can. We work hard to keep lead times to a minimum by stocking a selection of raw materials. Certain specialist and engineering grades are held but are usually bought in against specific requirements. Deliveries are scheduled to ensure our products arrive in the condition expected for all our customers right across the UK and abroad. If you require an urgent, express service, please advise 24 hours prior to the scheduled despatch day.