I-Line ® & Clip-Line ®

I-Line ®

The original flush-fitting minimalistic system, I-Line created and set the standards in glass partitioning joint product design and tooling.

I-Line is the ideal internal glass-to-glass partition joint range used to achieve a sleek and clear slimline finish between two or three glass panels.

Engineered from a glass clear polymer which is tough, durable and can be fully re-cycled, and used in numerous of glass-to-glass applications, I-Line achieves the highest possible aesthetic requirements due to its clear, slim and unobtrusive design.

Clip-Line ®

Clip-Line is made from a glass-clear polymer which is tough, durable and can be fully re-cycled.

Clip-Line clear dry joints allow for ease of fitting and speed of assembly, which has a significant and positive impact on installation times and customer downtime.

Clip-Line’s self-gripping design also takes its attractiveness beyond the aesthetic by providing additional protection to partitioning systems.

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