Flexible Extrusions

What we do

We manufacture flexible materials in a wide range of hardnesses (Shore ‘A’) and colours.

These comprise plasticised PVC in filled and unfilled grades, standard and engineered grades of TPE, TPO, POP and engineered polymers TPV and TEE. We can colour to your desired shade using masterbatch or, if the volume is sufficient purchase pre-coloured material.

Santoprene®TPV is used widely by Polyplas, often for use as peristaltic pump tubes.

Our most popular flexible polymers include:

The most commonly employed flexible thermoplastic compound selected for its versatility and the wide range available. Used on its own, in a dual hardness gasket or as the flexible element of a co-extrusion. Compounded in filled and unfilled grades, with a wide span of shore hardnesses. It is provided in clear (crystal) and opaque (coloured) grades and in a UV stabilised form.

An enhanced PVC grade offering improved oil resistance and a wider temperature range. Again available in a range of hardnesses and with UV stabilisers and colours

An equivalent to synthetic rubbers such as EPDM, this material has the advantage of being recyclable and non-marking. Sometimes replaces flexible PVC. Grades are SBS or SEBS based and are co-extrudable to rigid plastics such as ABS, PP and PS. Clear and opaque versions are available all offering good compression recovery. Specific glazing grades for UV resistance and weatherability as well as compatibility with non-glass glazing media

A melt-processable rubber with specific properties, it permits co-extrusion to uPVC and ABS. Good compression recovery

Developed to perform as a Tpe but be co-extrudable to PVC it is eminently suitable for glazing applications having excellent outdoor performance and compatibility with polycarbonate (PC) and other non-glass glazing media. Black and white grades

A unique blend of a Tpe with some EPDM rubber, this is a high-performance material. With superior fatigue resistance and high tear strength it also offers a constant service temperature range of - 60° to + 135°. Material is available in general, medical (USP Class VI) and FDA grades and often is used for peristaltic pump tubes in a range from 1,6mm bore to 66mm OD

Tough, high clarity food grade polymer which is highly flexible and elastic

With an extended performance life, this engineering thermoplastic has a high modulus and is especially suited as a hinge material in co-extruded applications.

The above list is intended only as a guide to polymers we currently process. New and modified grades are constantly being reviewed and introduced.

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